Enjoy your favourite Hot Drink in one of our fun mugs!


Eddie Rockets Serial Griller Mug

Serial Griller Mug

Start your mornings off right and enjoy your favourite hot drink in this fantastic mug.

Eddie Rockets King of the Grill Mug

King of the Grill Mug

The King of Grill special mug gives you one more reason to look forward to your coffee break.

Eddie Rockets Tomato Whisperer Mug

Tomato Whisperer Mug

The Tomato Whisperer is such a fun mug to have for when you’re cosying up on your sofa, having your favourite cup of tea.

Eddie Rockets Toss My Salad Mug

Toss My Salad Mug

If you’re a regular coffee drinker, you can’t possibly have too many mugs. Spice up your mug collection with this creative Toss my Salad one.

Eddie Rockets Awesome Secret Sauce Mug

Awesome Secret Sauce Mug

If you’re a fan of the Eddie Rocket’s awesome secret sauce, than this mug is a must-have for you!